BREAKING: Putin Taken Back – Report Tells All

(FOX) – Russian President Vladimir Putin, monitoring developments in Ukraine from his “lair in the Urals,” is “furious” and “fuming” that his military’s invasion of the smaller country to the south hasn’t gone more smoothly, claims a European Union official who says he has reviewed a Ukrainian intelligence report.

Riho Terras, a former defense chief in Estonia and member of the European Parliament, detailed the contents of the documents in a Twitter thread Saturday.

Fox News has not independently confirmed the authenticity of the intel report, which Terras included in his Twitter post.

Putin is accompanied in the Urals location by Russian oligarchs “so no one will flee,” Terras claimed the Russian-language documents say.

“He thought that the whole war would be easy and everything would be done in 1-4 days,” Terras wrote.

Instead, Ukrainian military members – and civilians arming themselves with guns and Molotov cocktails – have been working to fend off Russian forces who have been entering Ukraine from several directions since Thursday.

As his thread continues, Terras claims the intel report says the Russian forces lacked an adequate tactical plan and were themselves strapped for supplies – bringing enough rockets for only three or four days, and thus “use them sparingly.”

Hopes of the Russians getting more weapons and ammunition are limited, Terras claims.

“They have no raw materials,” he writes. “What was previously supplied mainly from Slovenia, Finland and Germany is now cut off” because of Western sanctions.

If the Ukrainians are able to fight off the Russians for 10 days, that will likely force Moscow to enter negotiations to end the conflict because “they have no money, weapons, or resources,” Terras writes.

The Russian plan also includes sowing panic among Ukraine’s women and children to advance their efforts against Ukraine’s government, the official writes.

As Russia’s attack continued into Sunday morning, it appeared Russia was targeting energy resources in Ukraine, with a gas pipeline in Kharkiv reportedly struck and a civilian oil depot south of Kyiv, according to reports.