Bombshell: Biden Admits He Is Clueless (Video)

On Thursday, Joe Biden urged businesses to mandate vaccines while criticizing Americans who think mandates violate their freedoms.

Biden showed frustration over people resisting his vaccine efforts, saying, “I’ve tried everything in my power to get people vaccinated.”

Biden addressed vaccine mandated while at an event in Illinois, where state and local authorities are more rigid than other midwestern states.

“Look, I know vaccination requirements are tough medicine, unpopular for some, politics for others, but they’re lifesaving, they’re game-changing for our country,” he said.

Watch below; the topic begins at 7:50

President Biden announced his extended vaccine mandates in September; however, the Occupational Safety and Health Administrations (OSHA) has yet to release the final text of the rule.

Biden admitted his “first instinct” was not to issue vaccine mandates, but he deemed it necessary to get most Americans vaccinated.

“Yes. Some object. And some object very strenuously, and some are making a political statement out of this issue,” he said.

Biden claimed mandated vaccines are “nothing new” for employments, citing the requirement for polio, measles, mumps, and rubella in some fields.

“I don’t quite get this, you know, why it’s a matter of, ‘No violation of your right to go to school, or get a job,’ etc., but now it’s a great cause célèbre?” Biden asked, mispronouncing the French word on his teleprompter.

Biden argued vaccine mandates are popular and effective, while reluctant people choose to lose their jobs rather than be vaccinated.

“It’s about life and death, that’s what it’s about … it’s about being patriotic, doing the right thing,” he said.

Biden whispered to the audience; even Fox News had vaccine mandates.

“This I always get a kick out of, Fox News. Fox News requires vaccinations for all their employees. Give me a break. Fox News,” he said.

Biden claimes the unvaccinated Americans are filling the hospital with coronavirus cases and making people afraid to leave their homes.

“They’re worried they’re going to get sick,” he said.