Bombshell: Biden Allows COVID To Spread As Unvaccinated Migrants Enter U.S. Interior

President Biden criticizes unvaccinated individuals as he promotes vaccine mandates for American citizens. The White House struggles to explain why illegals crossing the Southern border are not required to get the shot.

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, ignored the question of if the administration wants to apply the same proposed vaccine standards to the illegals released into the interior of the United States.

“Given where we are today with the Delta variant, we will plan to maintain existing travel restrictions at this point,” she said.

Since coronavirus-infected illegals crossing the border was first brought to light by Breitbart News, the White House has struggled to address the topic of coronavirus-infected illegals spreading the virus in the United States.

Meanwhile, 7,000 migrants who were infected with coronavirus were released since February, 1,500 in the last seven days in McAllen, Texas. McAllen has declared a state of disaster as they respond to the crisis, opening funds to tackle the problem.

“Lately, we’ve been getting about 1,800 immigrants a day,” McAllen’s Republican Mayor Javier Villalobos said in a Facebook video. “Then, coupled with the fact that 15 percent of the immigrants have COVID, have caused substantial problems to our great city of McAllen.”

The city has set up temporary emergency shelters for those testing positive; however, the Biden administration has no vaccine mandate.

Psaki insisted the migrants must wear masks while in custody as she defended the Biden administration’s handling of the crisis. Migrants showing signs of infection are referred to local healthcare facilities for testing, isolation, and treatment.

The press secretary said the Department of Homeland Security is “taking steps” to help stop coronavirus spread on Friday – but again only spoke about the mask requirement for migrants picked up by border patrol and government officials referring migrants with the virus to local health care.

“That is part of what, as a government, steps we are certainly taking,” she said.

The White House did not respond to Breitbart New’s follow-up question about a possible vaccine mandate for migrants.

As the Washington Post reported, the Department of Homeland Security plans to offer vaccinations to migrants in custody and migrants facing deportation.

There is no mention in the report of required vaccines similar to the mandate on international travelers to the United States.

At a press conference this week, Biden signaled his willingness to allow border officials to send some border-crossers back to Mexico using Title 42 authorities. But he repeated the unaccompanied minors would continue being permitted into the country.

“[U]naccompanied children is a different story because that’s the most humane thing to do is to test them and to treat them and not send them back alone,” he said.