Breaking: Biden’s Prediction Failed – Good News For America

President Biden was silent upon returning from Europe, his party lost the blue state of Virginia.

“We’re gonna win,” Biden boasted to reporters in Glasgow, Scotland, after the climate summit, just five hours before media outlets began calling the race for Republicans. “I think we’re going to win in Virginia.”

The president departed Air Force One at 1:06 am; he did not speak to reporters.

Biden landed as Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin declared victory over the Democrats in a previously blue state.

As Biden remained silent as he arrived at the White House at 1:38 am, reporters shouted questions regarding the election results.

Even though Biden campaigned twice for the failed Democrat, he attempted to stress that a defeat for McAuliffe would not inhibit his leftist agenda.

“I’ve not seen any evidence that whether or not I am doing well or poorly, whether or not I’ve got my agenda passed or not, is going to have any real impact on win or lose,” Biden claimed at the press conference.

Elsewhere in the president’s political circles, Democrats questioned Biden’s embrace of the political leftist in his party.

“Some in Biden-land are already asking themselves if the president has allowed himself to be tugged too far to the left while in office, and those voices are likely to get louder now,” reported an editor at the New York Times on social media.

There are no public events on the president’s schedule for Wednesday.