BREAKING: Liz Cheney Goes On The Attack Rudy Giuliani Stunned

(breitbart) – The January 6 Select Committee sought on Monday to highlight that Rudy Giuliani was “inebriated” during election night of 2020 in an apparent effort to discredit him and former President Donald Trump.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) said, “President Trump rejected advice of his campaign experts on election night, and instead followed the course recommended by an apparently inebriated Rudy Giuliani to just claim that he won and insist the vote-counting stop, to falsely claim everything was fraudulent.”

The committee also played a video of a deposition in which former Trump aide Jason Miller said that Giuliani was “definitely intoxicated” on election night.

Giuliani had allegedly pressed Trump to declare victory, according to Miller.

Journalists and democrat pundits mocked Giuliani on social media.

The committee showed clips of Giuliani speaking in the days after the election, claiming fraudulent voting. The committee also showed clips of Sidney Powell, another attorney who was working with Giuliani to find voter fraud.

They also played clips of former Attorney General Bill Barr, who had resigned from the Trump administration in December, criticizing Giuliani and Powell’s allegations of fraud.

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