BREAKING: San Francisco Residents Are Finally Waking UP – POLL

San Francisco residents appear to have finally had enough of what they voted for and are now open to embracing some conservative ideas, according to a poll.

San Francisco Chamber of Commerce’s annual CityBeat poll was conducted by EMC Research and surveyed 500 likely voters between January 17-21, 2024. The margin of error is ± 4.4 percent, but these numbers are so overwhelmingly one-sided that the margin of error is meaningless.

After years and years of one of the most left-wing cities in America getting exactly what it voted for in the form of violent crime, filthy streets, drugs everywhere, and a vacant downtown caused by all three — along with insanely high taxes — these dummies appear to have woken up. According to this poll, after just a few short years of living with the reality of their stupid ideas, the people of San Francisco are now hardcore Reaganites demanding tax breaks for corporations, drug tests for welfare recipients, and some gosh-darned law and order.

Here are the highlights…

Sixty-nine percent say crime has gotten worse
Only 61 percent feel safe visiting downtown during the day
Only 34 percent feel safe visiting downtone at night
Eighty-four percent want financial incentives offered to small businesses
Eighty-one percent want the same incentives for big business
Seventy-one percent want tax incentives offered to fill business vacancies
Sixty-one percent want an increased police presence via drones and surveillance
Sixty-one percent support drug screening for welfare recipients

I guess we’re all MAGAtards now.

It’s that last number that blows my mind. Never could I imagine a city as far-left as San Francisco demanding drug testing for welfare recipients. But that’s a big part of the city’s problem. The government is funding junkies to remain junkies. Why leave a city where your habit is subsidized by taxpayers, where you can open a tent on the streets, where you can brazenly shoplift $900 worth of stuff every day and never see the inside of a jail cell?

Does this mean San Francisco will save itself?



These blue cities are doomed. It will take a Republican to make the results of that poll come true, and no Republican will ever win an election in the City by the Bay. The residents are too demented, prideful, and stupid. A poll is one thing. Pulling a lever for a “Nazi” is another.

And to the fate of San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Oakland, and the rest, all I can say is… Who cares? I live here, so I don’t give a damn about any of these cities. Urban America is not my problem. Urban voters are getting what they voted for, and if they want to burn it all down, burn it all down. Living filth does not affect me. And none of this is anyone’s fault but the voters. It’s a shame, sure. But life’s too short to stress over what I can’t control.