BREAKING: The Truth About Defense – You Need Too See THIS

(breitbart) – On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) stated that it makes no sense that we spend billions of dollars on defense every year but we have managed to run out of the ammunition that we give to Ukraine after a year of war and that this shows that there is a clear lack of accountability over where the money we spend in the defense budget ends up going.

Khanna said, “Well, the first thing we have to also understand is the spending. Let’s be clear, Jim, we are being gouged by defense contractors in terms of the — what taxpayers are being charged. Here’s the question I have: We have almost a trillion-dollar defense budget, and we can’t make enough artillery to give to Ukraine? We’ve had this war for almost a year and we’ve run out of money to have sufficient artillery in terms of steel? Of the top 15 companies, nine of them are in China, not one in the United States. Where is this money going? We need accountability, and we need to be building the industrial base and actually having things that are going to strengthen our national security.”