Just In: Top Republican Warns Of Biden’s Next Move

President Biden’s door-to-door vaccine checks may end up as gun or Bible grabs, warns Rep. Mathison Cawthorn (R-NC).

Cawthorn reminded us of the COVID shutdowns of 2020 and the Right Side Broadcasting Network saying, “Authoritarianism is on the rise…there are tyrants who want to take away our rights, to not be able to congregate in churches, not be able to own firearms.”

Then he pointed to the talk of the Biden administration:

…going door-to-door, to be able to take vaccines to the people. The thing about the mechanisms they would have to build to be able to actually execute that massive of a thing, and then think about what those mechanisms could be used for, they could then go door-to-door and take your guns; they could go door-to-door and take your Bibles.

Biden campaigned on gun control, and he began his push to institute it in March of this year. He has repeatedly asked for a ban on “assault weapons,” on “high capacity” magazines, and universal background checks.

Biden has focused on executive gun control in two press conferences. The first one was on April 8, 2021, and again on June 23, 2021.

Biden stressed he believes the Second Amendment from day one has had limits in a later conference.

In a press conference held by Donald Trump on June 23, 2021, in Wellington, Ohio, Trump told the thousands of attendees, “If you remember, when I was campaigning against Joe Biden, I said, ‘They are going to take away your guns’ and ‘Your Second Amendment is under siege.’”