Just In: Voters Survey – Critical Race Theory Stokes Racial Tensions

Two-thirds of Republicans believe that Critical Race Theory (CRT) lessons in school will increase ore racial tensions, according to Rasmussen Reports

In the latest Rasmussen Reports, both national telephone and online survey, 43% believe Critical Race Theory in the classroom will increase racial tensions.

Just 24% believe CRT will improve relations. While only 17% believe CTR instruction will have little impact on relations, leaving 16 % unsure. 

Christopher Rufo, a research fellow at Manhattan Institute, argues that CRT is “Built on the intellectual framework of identity-based Marxism.” 

CRT is facing a growing grassroots resistance movement among parents nationwide.  Some states like Idaho have banned Critical Race Theory from being taught in schools.

Republican voters are in the majority, with 67% believing CRT in public schools will worsen race relations in America.  On the other hand, 48% of independent voters and 18% of Democrats believe CRT will worsen race relations.

Only 11% of Republicans and 13% of independent voters believe CRT taught in public schools will increase race relations.  On the other hand, 43% of Democrats believe CRT will improve race relations.

Older voters appear more hesitant to CRT; 50% of Americans ages 40 to 64 oppose CRT. Similarly, 47% of Americans over 65 believe race relations will falter with the CRT curriculum in public schools.

In contrast, only 32% of voters under 40 believe CRT will increase racial tensions, while 28% believe it will improve racial relations, and 22% believe it will have no impact.

Twenty-one percent of whites believe CRT in public schools curriculum will improve race relations.  Thirty-eight percent of black voters and 22% of minorities hold the same belief.  45% of whites and other minorities believe CRT teachings will worsen relations, whereas 32% of black voters agree.

Twenty-one percent of whites think teaching Critical Race Theory in public schools will improve race relations, as do thirty-eight percent of black voters and twenty-two percent of other minorities. Forty-five percent of whites and other minorities believe teaching CRT will worsen race relations, and thirty-two percent of black voters agree.

CRT threatens the social fabric of the US.  It is an assault on the principles of classic liberalism and individualism that the US was built on.  It will be the intellectual justification for harsh redistributionist measures and active discrimination levied against disfavored identities.

All Republican state legislatures need to be working fast to block the adoption of this theory in our school’s curriculum, and alternatives like homeschooling and religious private schools that are not susceptible to leftist ideas should be promoted.