Must See: Creepy Biden Humiliated Himself & America (Video)

Thursday evening, President Biden was humiliated in another CNN town Hall, several awkward and disturbing moments were shared on social media.

The optics and substance of the event were a struggle for Joe Biden; he admitted not having a plan to lower gas prices, refused to defend President Thomas Jefferson’s monument, claimed not to have time to visit the Southern border, and stood in agreement for mass firings of police and first responders if not in compliance with mandates.

Anderson Cooper, moderator of the event, numerous times guided Biden back to the subject on hand as Biden was rambling.

In one example, Biden was ranting about poor children from single-parent homes not being adequately educated. They did not hear enough words at home before Cooper helped him refocus.

As Biden continued, he struggled to remember the name of a port on Long Beach, California, despite the earlier address of the issue.

Biden asked, “What am I doing here?” Cooper helped him name the port city.

As Cooper was speaking during the town hall, Biden was mocked for clinching his fists awkwardly.

In another moment, he stood rigid while allowing his arms to droop and his head bowed down.

Biden at times stopped and closed his eyes while he tried to finish a statement.

Biden made zero with his thumb and first finger and looked through, then began to whisper “don’t pay a cent” while talking about tax rates.

At another point in the night, he identified “the mayor” of Baltimore, who was actually a congressman.

He appeared to forget Sen. Krysten Sinema’s (D-AZ) name; he referred to her as “one other person.”

On Friday morning, the RNC published a supercut of the president’s town hall.