MUST SEE: Elon Musk Is Back At It AGAIN

(breitbart) – SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is reportedly offering to buy Twitter at his original offered price of $54.20 per share.

Musk originally revealed his intention to buy the social network in April this year, but later attempted to withdraw from the deal, citing concerns about bot numbers on the platform. Now, sources have told Bloomberg that Musk is offering to buy the company at his original offer price.

While Twitter’s woke workforce opposed Musk’s acquisition attempt internally, concerned about the billionaire’s promise to make content moderation free speech-friendly, the company nonetheless took Musk to court to force him to go through with the deal.

Before the deal got bogged down in months of legal fighting, the political left was gearing up for an extended battle to stop any measure of free speech from returning to one of the web’s largest platforms.

As Breitbart News reported in May of this year, a coalition of shadowy globalist nonprofits backed by leftist dark money, including from frequent Musk opponent Bill Gates, teamed up to oppose the SpaceX CEO’s purchase of Twitter. A letter signed by 26 such organizations called on shareholders to “Stop the Deal.”

Opponents of the deal did not attempt to hide their chief fear: the collapse of the Big Tech censorship apparatus they had painstakingly built up over the past half-decade.

“If we don’t stop this deal, he’ll hand a megaphone to demagogues and extremists, who will cheer him as they incite more hate, harm, and harassment” said Accountable Tech, one of the leftist nonprofits opposing the deal said at the time.

Despite the political alarm from the left, the prospect of the Musk takeover going through immediately boosted Twitter’s share price, which spiked more than 13 percent on today’s news.