NEW: Jack Dorsey Joins Growing List Of Democrats Demanding An Open Primary In 2024

(trendingpoliticsnews) – Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey called for an open Democrat primary in 2024 after President Biden took a nasty fall while addressing Air Force Academy graduates. The Democratic National Committee has repeatedly dismissed to hold primary debates between Biden and Democrat challengers, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and author Marianne Williamson.

“Open the Democrat primaries and debates,” Dorsey quote tweeted on a video of Biden’s latest fall. “This isn’t fair to anyone.”

DNC officials have repeatedly refused to hold debates between President Biden and his primary challengers despite sizable interest in at least one candidate. Support for Kennedy has been measured as high as 20% according to some pollsters while a recent Fox News poll found Democrat support for Kennedy at 16%.

Symone Sanders, who previously served as a spokeswoman for Kamala Harris, tried “not to laugh” when MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough asked about Kennedy. “I really think that the mealy-mouthed Democrats, as I like to call them, and some of my progressive friends who would like to live in a fantasyland, they need to come back to reality,” Sanders said.

“The reality is this, the sitting president of the United States is a Democrat, a Democrat that would like to run for re-election, so much so he has declared a re-election campaign. In that case, the Democratic National Committee will not facilitate a primary process,” she continued.

“There will be no debate. The Democratic National Committee administers the debates. They’re not going to set up a primary process for debates for someone to challenge the head of the Democratic Party.”

Kennedy, who is the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, slammed the party’s “rigged” process in an interview with the Epoch Times this past April.

“Debates and town halls are part of the democratic process. We’re living in a time when there’s a lot of Americans who believe our democracy is broken. And I think both political parties have to bend over backwards to start restoring faith in democracy and election integrity,” the presidential hopeful said.

“Americans think the entire system is rigged against them,” he continued. “And if the DNC goes through with this—its plan to not have debate—I think that will serve as … an unfortunate confirmation to a lot of Americans that the system is indeed rigged.”