BREAKING: NY Governor Deploys National Guard To Help Illegals Fill Out Paperwork For Housing, Jobs

Each and every time I think the radical left cannot possibly get more ridiculous, someone says “hold my beer” and manages to take the idiocy to a level I never dreamed was possible. The latest example of this comes from the state of New York where Gov. Kathy Hochul has decided to deploy the National Guard to help with the massive flood of illegal aliens entering the state. However, they won’t be escorting folks back home or detaining individuals so they can conduct background checks. Instead, military members in the branch will be helping them fill out paperwork.

Yes, Hochul is transforming the National Guard into administrative assistants to help the increasing number of illegals coming into New York get free goodies paid for by hard working taxpayers.

Jack Davis of The Western Journal noted, “Hochul said 150 additional National Guard members will be deployed for what she called ‘case management,’ bringing to 250 the number of Guard members assisting migrants, according to a news release this week on her website.”

The release then went on to say that members of the National Guard deployed by Hochul will be helping to “file the appropriate paperwork to attain legal work status and exit taxpayer-funded shelters.”

“Across the state, 1,900 Guard members are working to assist migrants, the release said. Guard members will help them with filling out federal paperwork, finding housing and jobs, according to the New York Post,” Davis added.

The New York Democratic governor explained that her philosophy in this is: “Give them what they want, which is a quick exit out of the shelter system,” the Post revealed.

Sure, reward them for breaking our laws and violating the sovereignty of our nation. This goes hand-in-hand with the progressive soft-on-crime policies we’re seeing pop up in major Democratic cities, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised to see such principles applied to illegal aliens either.

“Hochul first activated the National Guard to support illegal immigrants in October. More than 113,000 illegals have passed through New York City, with many shipped out to Upstate New York communities and about 60,000 still being housed by the city, the Post said,” Davis stated in his article.

Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik of New York is not on board with how Hochul is using the National Guard, saying the government needs to stop “wasting resources.” She’s right on the money.

“On Wednesday, however, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, during a visit to New York City, complimented Hochul and New York City Mayor Eric Adams for trying to get President Joe Biden to act on the illegal immigrant crisis, according to the New York Post,” The Western Journal divulged.

“There’s one solid piece of advice, and [New York officials] are beginning to follow it — the challenge the city of New York and the state of New York are dealing with is caused by one person, Joe Biden,” Abbott commented. “Joe Biden can flip that switch any day and stop New York dealing with the consequences of an open border.”

“Until that is done, New York and other states are going to continue to deal with this,” he added.

Abbott then remarked that what’s happening in New York is just a taste of the reality Texas and other states along the southern border have been experiencing since this crisis began.

“What you’re dealing with in New York, what you are seeing and witnessing in this state, is a tiny fraction of what’s happening every single day in the state of Texas,” Abbott explained.

“It is all carefully, choreographically designed policy put in place by the current president of the United States of America. This is unsustainable, and those are the words of your mayor. Those are the words of the mayors of Chicago and Los Angeles. Those are the words of the governor of Texas. What’s going on is unsustainable. It’s a crisis that’s chaotic and must stop,” Abbott continued.