Red Alert: Top Republican Exposed Biden’s Outrageous Plan

Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC), a practicing urologist, argued coronavirus vaccine mandates for the naturally immune are about “control” and “narrative” with Alex Marlow on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily.

Murphy remarked, “We’re seeing the curtain pulled off of this entire administration. It truly is about control, and that’s what they’re doing… They want to control your lives.”

He stated the nation’s immunity to coronavirus must include those already recovered from the infection.

“The real question here in the United States should not be, ‘Are you vaccinated?’ That should not be the question. That’s a very simple and easy, easy way to approach this, but it’s not the correct way to approach this,” he continued. “The correct way to approach this is, ‘Are you immune?’… In other words, have you either been vaccinated, or, as we’re finding out now, your immunity is actually greater if you had COVID [and] survived it, which the vast majority of individuals do, and your immunity is actually greater.

“It’s a matter of control, and that’s the easiest control button to say — bam — ‘You have to do what we say. You have to get vaccinated,’ when it… It takes a little bit more work to be, to be more rigorous, to be more scientific, to be more objective… but they’re not willing to do that.”

As a broader part of the employer’s immunity analysis, Murphy advised that the testing of antibodies should be included.

“Show us your antibody titer, and if it meets a certain level, then you don’t have to get vaccinated, and you continue to be employed,” Murphy said. “Unfortunately, the Biden administration is not that smart, and they actually don’t want to acknowledge that natural immunity — only immunity conferred after you’ve been exposed to the virus — is protective. These mandates are going to disrupt [and make] everything even worse.”

Murphy argued the majority of those hospitalized are unvaccinated.

“When I tour the [respiratory intensive care units] at our medical center, 90 percent or so are the unvaccinated,” he remarked. “At this point in time, it is mostly the unvaccinated. Let’s just be truthful about that.”