REPORT: Biden Campaign Goes Off The Rails – Media Stunned

The Biden campaign has reportedly been holding off-the-record meetings with establishment news reporters and editors, providing them with spreadsheets highlighting perceived shortcomings in their reporting. This practice has raised concerns about the media’s independence and objectivity, contributing to a lack of trust among Americans, as reflected in Gallup polling:

  • Only 32 percent trust the establishment media “a great deal” or “a fair amount.”
  • 50 percent believe that national media aim to mislead, misinform, and persuade the public.
  • Just 35 percent think most news organizations can be relied upon.

Prominent outlets like The New York Times and the Washington Post are said to participate in these meetings, during which Biden campaign aides guide reporters on how to negatively frame stories about Trump and address areas where they believe the media’s reporting has fallen short. It has been reported that the meeting with The New York Times did not go smoothly.

The aides contend that the media is “too focused” on Trump’s legal challenges and not paying enough attention to his alleged “incendiary” comments. The Biden campaign has organized off-the-record trips for political reporters and editors to its headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, where they meet with senior officials for background briefings on campaign strategy and receive feedback on their reporting.

While the Biden campaign describes these meetings as “substantive” and “productive,” concerns persist about the potential impact on media objectivity. This development comes amid Biden’s criticism of media coverage regarding rising costs in the economy, a critical issue for taxpayers heading into the 2024 election year.

Multiple polls indicate Biden’s declining popularity, with his policies receiving low approval ratings and public concerns about issues such as soaring costs and the situation at the southern border. Some key findings include:

  • FiveThirtyEight: Biden holds the worst net approval rating in history at this point in his term.
  • WSJ: Only 23 percent of voters believe Biden’s policies have helped them.
  • CNN: A majority of respondents say there is “no chance” they would vote for Joe Biden in 2024.