REPORT: Kamala Harris Steps Up – This Is Hilarious

Vice President Kamala Harris is reportedly working to fix the Biden campaign strategy — nine months from election day.

Harris, whose favorability rating is worse than President Joe Biden’s, appears to be positioning herself as an alternative if he decides not to run for reelection before the Democratic National Convention (DNC). A majority of voters say there is no chance they would vote for Biden in 2024, a recent CNN poll found.

The convention is the only feasible route Harris could take to replace Biden, 81. Politico reported a three-step process:

Biden Must Voluntarily Step Aside Before Democratic National Convention
Delegates Nominate a New Candidate at the Convention
Tie Lose Ends

While pundits speculate, Harris criticized the Biden campaign for often being in a “bubble.” She aims to rectify the campaign’s strategy and tactics, according to a recent CNN report. However, some Democrats fear the campaign is past the point of no return:

More than two dozen sources tell CNN that Harris has been gathering information to help her penetrate what she sometimes refers to as the “bubble” of Biden campaign thinking, telling people she’s aiming to use that intelligence to push for changes in strategy and tactics that she hopes will put the ticket in better shape to win.

Multiple leading Democrats, anxious about a campaign they fear might be stumbling past a point of no return, say their conversations with Harris have been a surprising and welcome change, after months of feeling sloughed off by the White House and Biden campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware.

“The ‘bedwetting’ complaints are running thin with people,” a person who attended one of the meetings told CNN about the general state of anxiety in Democrat circles. “The West Wing and the campaign need to be better.”

Harris, known for word salads, announced a nationwide tour in December to proclaim the virtues of the abortion agenda with her first stop on January 22, the fifty-first anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Harris appears to believe abortion is an issue that will help Biden defeat former President Donald Trump.

The tour is the latest initiative for the vice president. After assuming office, Biden gave Harris the responsibility of securing the U.S. southern border. Customs and Border Protection estimate that there have been more than 1.7 million known gotaways at the Southwest border under the Biden/Harris administration.RD SALAD — WORDS OF WISDOM: Kamala Harris Struggles for 45 Seconds to Define “Culture”