REPORT: Texas Shooter Praised Trans Nashville Killer Audrey Hale On Social Media

(trendingpoliticsnews) – In a disturbing development, the man behind Sunday’s mass shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets in Texas, identified as Mauricio Garcia, had praised Audrey Hale on social media. Garcia, who has been described as a Hispanic neo-Nazi, was responsible for claiming the lives of nine people and injuring at least seven others before being killed during a confrontation with law enforcement officials.

The motive behind the shooting remains relatively unknown, but the connection to Hale raises questions about the influence of extremist ideology on violent acts. As the nation grapples with yet another tragedy, concerns about America’s mental health crisis continue to mount.

While referring to Audrey Hale, the 28-year-old transgender responsible for the mass shooting in Nashville that, Mauricio Garcia wrote, “So the Nashville shooting was particularly interesting because a b*tch broke the ER barrier (with a decent kill score) for the first time. This is like the greatest accomplishment of feminism ever.” Hale was under doctor’s care for an emotional disorder, and her parents believed she had sold the only gun she owned at the time.

Police are expected to soon release Hale’s manifesto that was left behind. The document is currently under police review, but lawmakers and victims’ families have called for its release to provide answers about the attack

According to a database maintained by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Garcia had worked for at least three security companies and had undergone extensive firearms proficiency training in recent years. He had also served in the military for three months, but was discharged due to physical or mental health conditions.

“In June 2008, Mauricio Garcia enlisted in the regular Army but was terminated from initial entry training three months later,” said Heather J. Hagan, U.S. Army Public Affairs spokesperson, in a statement to Fox News. “He was not awarded a military occupational specialty. He had no deployments or awards. We do not provide characterization of discharge for any soldier.”

According to a senior law enforcement source, Garcia was carrying an AR-15-style rifle and another firearm when he was killed by police. In addition, police discovered multiple weapons in his vehicle. The weapons were legally obtained from private sellers.