Ron DeSantis: ‘Democrats Want to See Trump as the Nominee’

Republican presidential hopeful Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World” that President Joe Biden and Democrats want to run against former President Donald Trump.

DeSantis said, “What does November 2024 look like? How is Donald Trump going to navigate all the things that he’s going to have to navigate? You notice the Democrats are licking their chops. The Democrats want to see Trump as the nominee, that is not anything that I think is a secret. Because they have a playbook that they’re going to roll out. And as soon as they want to, they will. You’re already starting to see these polls. There were so many polls saying Trump was going to beat Biden in the fall.”

He added, “Now you’re starting to see that shift. And my guess would be, if he sews up the nomination this spring, the media is going to be rolling out polls showing that Biden has a strong lead going into the general election. I think with me, people don’t have to worry about that stuff. It will be focused on their issues, focussed on holding the Democrats accountable. I think we have the advantage. When it’s on issues, we have the advantage. If it’s a referendum on Trump, the Democrats have an advantage.”