SERIOUSLY? – Ohio Sheriff’s Office Under Fire for ‘Ghost Horse’ Halloween Costume

(breitbart) – An Ohio sheriff’s office has come under fire for dressing their horses up like “ghosts” for Halloween that were eerily reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

The incident occurred in Lake County where the mounted unit officers dressed the horses completely in white sheets with holes cut for eyes, nostrils, and ears to resemble ghosts for Halloween; the residents thought they resembled something else.

“The riders thought what a great idea to have big ghosts going down the street,” Sheriff Frank Leonbruno told FOX 8.

“As the horses went down the street they were lit up for Halloween. To tell you the truth the community loved it, kids said they were great ghost horses,” he added.

When the pictures of the horses were posted to social media, several community residents protested that the sheets conjured up images of KKK.

“That was a poor execution for a ghost,” one resident told FOX 8. “You go back and look at pictures of the Ku Klux Klan, it’s like the exact replica of what the horses looked like.”

“Is there nobody on staff that is like, ‘This is not a good idea?’” another said. “A sheriff’s office should be out there protecting people, and if I saw that on my street, I would be terrified.”

Sheriff Leonbruno removed the post after being bombarded with negative comments and outcries of racism.

“I’m sorry that perception was there,” he said. “It was never our intention to do that.”