Shocking: Bidens Eco-Terror-Tied BLM Nominee – Called For American Population Control

President Biden has nominated Tracy Stone-Manning as the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) director; she has advocated for slowing the U.S. population, labeling American children as “environmental hazard.”

In her graduate thesis, Stone-Manning argued that Americans should not have more than one or two children and claimed that allowing livestock to graze on the public land was “destroying the West.”

Stone-Manning’s thesis titled “Into the Heart of the Beast | A case for environmental advertising” was reported by The Daily Caller. In addition, her thesis drew public policy recommendations for the University of Montana described as “environmental education.” 

She obtained a Master’s degree in environmental science from the University of Montana and had eight PSA’s dealing with logging, mining, and overpopulation.

Stone-Manning demanded in an advertising campaign to lessen procreation among Americans, apparently towards “environmental” ends.  A sample poster was produced  expressing contempt of a shirtless child as an “environmental hazard.”

“Can you spot the environmental hazard in this photo” was the header of her political advertisement?  The following response was included:

That’s right, it’s the cute baby. Americans believe that overpopulation is only a problem somewhere else in the world. But it’s a problem here too.”

The earth is only so big, and we can tap into it only so often. In America, we tap in often and hard.

We breed more than any other industrialized nation. At the same time, we suck up one-third of the world’s energy.

On average, each of us gobbles the same energy as 3 Japanese, 13 Chinese, and 499 Ethiopians. When we overpopulate, the earth notices it more. Stop at two. It could be the best thing you do for the planet.

Stone-Manning also composed a script for a 30-second video commercial meant to discourage American families from having more than “one or two” children.  The female voiceover for the advertisement reads, “When we [Americans] have children, the planet feels it more. Do the truly smart thing. Stop at one or two kids.”

“The point is a simple one,” Stone-Manning wrote. “Harshly, the ads say that the earth can’t afford Americans. More softly, they ask people to think about how their family planning choices affect the planet.”

Biden’s nominee to head the BLM claimed in her thesis, “The origin of our abuses is us. If there were fewer of us, we would have less impact.”

The Daily Caller highlighted Stone-Manning’s description of “overpopulation” as “the root of many of our environmental horrors.” The planet cannot sustain more Americans, she said of the purpose of her proposed advertising campaign.

In her recommended campaign, she wrote, “The point is a simple one. Harshly, the ads say that the earth can’t afford Americans. More softly, they ask people to think about how their family planning choices affect the planet.”

Both the Daily Caller and Fox News described Stone-Manning’s Malthusian proposal as “population control.”

Fox News reported on Stone-Manning’s “links to eco-terrorists”:

Stone-Manning has already come under fire in recent weeks for her connection to a tree spiking incident – an ecoterrorism tactic – in Idaho in the 1980s, where she traded her court testimony for legal immunity.

In 1993, Stone-Manning was granted immunity in exchange for her testimony that she retyped and sent an anonymous letter to the U.S. Forest Service on behalf of John P. Blount, her former roommate, and friend, Fox News previously reported.

Tree spiking “involves inserting metal or ceramic rods into trunks so they can’t be safely cut down, and the tactic has sometimes been used to halt timber sales,” explained the New York Post. In addition, the tactic can injure or kill loggers.