Shocking: Biden’s Efforts Fail – Despite Media Blitz & Prizes

Tuesday, President Biden will admit he has missed the vaccination goal of 70 percent before July 4, falling 15 percent short of his goal.

Only 45 percent of the American population is vaccinated, including 55 percent of adults and 77 percent of age 65 and over.  The vaccination rates among 18-26-year-olds are lagging.

The Biden administration was warned by the Washington Post as they noted the rate of decline by “ “more than two-thirds from the peak of 3.4 million in April.”

The Post reported the dropping rate began in April with the “low-hanging fruit — those people who absolutely want to get vaccinated without you telling them anything,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said. “You’re left with a group that you may need … trusted messengers who go out there and explain to them why it’s critical for themselves, for their family.”

Breitbart News reported June 5 “nearly one-third of Americans are ‘uncertain’ or ‘unwilling’ to get a vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus, a Morning Consult survey released this week revealed.”

Bidens failure to attain the goal comes after he has done everything he can to get Americans to take the shot.  His efforts include beer for vaccinations and other incentives, such as “cash giveaways, sports tickets and paid leave, to keep up the pace of vaccinations.”

The more people we get vaccinated, the more success we’re going to have in the fight against this virus,” Biden explained at the White House on June 2.