Shocking: Obama Plans Lavish Party Despite COVID Concerns

Former President Obama disregards concerns over large events during the coronavirus pandemic as he plans a massive outdoor party next week to celebrate his 60th birthday on Martha’s Vineyard.

Reportedly sources told Axios that hundreds of guests are expected to fill Obama’s nearly 30-acre estate. All guests are asked to be vaccinated, and a “COVID-coordinator” will make sure protocols are followed.

A source also said negative coronavirus tests are required for every guest but didn’t give details on just how that would be policed.

“It’s going to be big,” one source told The Hill.

As the Delta variant is spreading, the size of the party has raised concerns, mainly due to the recent breakthrough cases in nearby Provincetown that prompted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) new mask guidance.

The party was introduced last month but now is full speed ahead, despite coronavirus threats.

Obama held his 55th birthday party at the White House; in attendance were Paul McCartney, Nick Jonas, Ellen DeGeneres, Stevie Wonder, and Magic Johnson.

However, President Biden will not attend this celebration; a White House spokesperson told Axios that he would catch up with the Obamas “soon.”