SHOCKING: Zuckerberg’s Leaked Video Stuns America He Admits All!

A leaked video obtained by Project Veritas shows CEO and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, claiming that left-wing rioters who burned down multiple quarters of American cities last summer were somehow treated less leniently than Capitol Hill rioters of January 6.

“I know this is just a very difficult moment for a lot of us here (at Facebook), and especially our black colleagues,” Zuckerberg can be heard telling employees.

“It was troubling to see how people in this (Capitol) mob were treated compared to the stark contrast we saw during protests earlier this year.” The summer riots had a gruesome death toll, with estimates ranging from 12  to 30.

In Seattle, Black Lives Matter and far-left supporters established the “(CHAZ) Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” a lawless state within a state.

Officials allowed the lawless CHAZ to exist for nearly a month, unlike DC’s hours-long capitol riot, which the government saw fit to respond to with the deployment of 20,000 national guardsmen to the area.

As a result, a 16-year-old lost his life – reportedly murdered by CHAZ’s homemade “security forces.”

For half a year, mask clad Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists terrorized ordinary American citizens, confronting them in restaurants, public locations, and in suburban neighborhoods at their homes.

Riots of the summer were the costliest in U.S. history. The riots caused nearly $2 billion in damage to property across the country, not counting the uninsured businesses. In St. Paul alone, over 170 businesses were destroyed and looted.

Yet the violence continues – even Portland’s left-wing mayor, Ted Wheeler, is now asking for assistance from the feds against Antifa. The Democrat mayor was assaulted by Antifa in a restaurant, shortly after he made the request.

Mark Zuckerberg’s comments in the Project Veritas video indicates he believes the Capitol Hill riot, an isolated incident, was treated with leniency compared to the endemic violence perpetrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter supporters since the summer, including the assaults on elected officials, as well as a month-long occupation of Seattle’s capitol district and multiple murders.

The Facebook CEO”s attitude may explain why a page for Portland’s Rose City Antifa with over 20,000 followers, the most violent Antifa group in the country, arguably, remains active on the platform, despite Facebook’s alleged zero-tolerance policy for violent extremist groups.