THERE’S MORE – Alvin Bragg’s Case Against Trump Shows Complete Ignorance and Manipulation of

(thegatewaypundit) – The dumbest case ever just got dumber.  The charges brought against President Trump by New York City DA Alvin Bragg make no sense.  You would think that if you were going to indict a President of the United States that you would have a case.  But this case offers nothing.

DA Bragg should resign.  His case against Trump is shockingly weak.

On Tuesday, immediately after receiving the indictment against President Trump, TGP analyzed the document.   What stuck out was that Soros-backed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg claims in his charges that President Trump made the accounting entries himself related to this case.

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The Gateway Pundit pointed out previously that this is nonsense.  No CEO in the world presiding over a billion-dollar company is making entries in General Ledger or cutting checks.  This is total nonsense.

TOTAL BS – DA Bragg Claims President Trump Made Accounting Entries in Error Years Ago – What Lunacy and Utter Nonsense

Attorney Mike Davis concurs and labels Bragg’s case as one of the dumbest cases ever.

This indictment is an abomination… it’s unbelievable to me.  He is much dumber than I expected…
I don’t get stunned very often.  I was stunned by watching his press conference today. It’s because he’s incredibly dumb and his indictment is a complete abomination.

Davis points out that the crimes aren’t identified in the document. Bragg says that he doesn’t have to list the crimes.

The case lists 34 counts.  These counts consist of the following accounting actions:

11 invoices
12 vouchers (in February 2017 there were two vouchers)
11 checks cut

These are the 34 charges – they are related to 11 transactions. What’s the crime?

Here is a list in the order in which they are listed in the indictment:

Feb 14

Invoice-  Feb 14
Voucher -842457
Voucher- 842460
Check- 138

March 16-17

Invoice- Feb 15
Voucher – 846907
Check 147

June 19

Invoice- April 13
Voucher – 858770
Check – 2740

May 22

Invoice – May 22
Voucher- 855331
Check – 2700

June 16-19

Invoice – June 16
Voucher – 858772
Check – 2741

July 11

Invoice- July 11
Voucher – 861097
Check – 2781

Aug 1

Invoice – Aug 1
Voucher- 863641
Check- 2821

Sep 11

Invoice – Sep 11
Voucher – 868174
Check – 2908

Oct 18

Invoice – Oct 18
Voucher – 872654
Check – 2944

Nov 20

Invoice – Nov 20
Voucher – 876511
Check – 2980

Dec 1

Invoice – Dec 1
Voucher – 877785
Check – 3006

Many of these transactions appear to be monthly recurring fees being paid perhaps as a retainer? We just don’t know from the filing.

We also don’t know what the amounts are on these individual transactions.

But most notable is that the transactions are from 2017. This was when President Trump was in office and his sons were running his company. President Trump had nothing to do with these transactions.

These transactions also somehow impacted the 2016 election – but they were made in 2017?

And again, President Trump supposedly “made and caused a false record” when these entries were addressed which is insane because no CEO of any billion-dollar enterprise is booking entries in General Ledger (GL).

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This doesn’t make sense. Invoices are support for entries posted in the GL when invoices are received. There is no transaction posted in the GL when an invoice is received. The invoice is forwarded to the department that would book the entry in the GL based on adequate support which includes the invoice.

Bragg claims that the invoices received trigger a transaction separate from the vouchers posted in the accounting system. This is not true. Therefore the 11 invoices received are not entries into the GL made by President Trump or anyone. They are documents received from the client. There is no record that is “made or caused” by the invoice independent of the voucher.