VIDEO: Dem Sen. Kelly – Windfall Tax on Oil ‘Something to Consider’

(breitbart) – During an interview with the “Pod Save America” podcast released on Thursday, Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) stated that the windfall profits tax on the oil industry floated by President Joe Biden is “something to consider.”

Co-host Jon Favreau asked, “What do you think of the windfall profits tax that President Biden floated this week?”

Kelly responded, “Well, I think it’s something to consider. And I will. I’ll be back in D.C. a week from Monday. There [are] a lot of issues that we have to address. We want to make sure the government stays funded. There [are] some folks that serve in the United States Congress that are perfectly fine with the government shutting down. That’s not an option for me. I mean, just across the country, the role of the federal government, when the government shuts down, it hurts people. And we can’t allow that to happen.”