VIDEO – Mom Confronts School Board in Drag Queen Outfit

(breitbart) – A mother in Iowa grilled school board members recently after a drag show was held at a local high school — while wearing an outfit that proved her point.

The Ankeny Community School District’s board members got an earful when Kimberly Reicks, who founded a group called Iowa Mama Bears, blasted the drag show that was held at Ankeny High School, the Washington Examiner reported Friday.

The school’s Gay Straight Alliance club sponsored the event as part of a meeting as the school year came to a close in May.

Video footage showed Reicks approach the podium and address the board:

I’m standing here today 129 days after the GSA end of the year drag queen show was brought to your attention and 128 days after you sent an email explaining to parents that the school was made aware of the unauthorized performance that took place at the Ankeny High School and the whole thing was under investigation. How are we 129 days later and 30 days into the new school year and we still have not heard any kind of an apology from you? Nor have we heard a resolution.

Moments later, Reicks proceeded to remove her jacket and pants, revealing a black, one-shoulder leotard and black knee-high boots.

“Does this outfit make you turn your head? Does this outfit seem appropriate for anybody here to see? This is what the man dressed like in front of our kids,” Reicks questioned as everyone in the room was silent.

“So if this makes your head spin, if this pisses you off in any way, shape, or form — it should. Because I’m embarrassed to stand here in the outfit that I am in today, but I have a point to prove — that this outfit should not be ever accepted in our schools anywhere,” she declared.

Reicks later posted screenshots of a Des Moines Register article covering the board meeting and said, “MSM took the bait HOOK LINE & SINKER. Got my point across tho.”

In May, the Twitter account Libs of TikTok shared a clip and image of the drag queen show at the school. One of the performers wore a leotard similar to the one Reicks wore to prove her point.

“The drag queens also spoke to students about gender identity and expression,” the account’s post read:

One picture showed a drag queen wearing a leather outfit while dancing with an umbrella.

“This photo appears to show a student handing cash to the drag queen,” the post stated:

Per the Examiner, Reicks said she will do whatever it takes to ensure such events were addressed and resolved, even if it meant wearing a risqué outfit.

In June, Libs of TikTok was censored by Twitter “for exposing the disturbing trend of far-left activists exposing children to sexually explicit performances by drag queens,” Breitbart News reported.