VIDEO: Pro-Palestine Protesters Try to Breach White House, Violently Shake Security Fence

Thousands of pro-Palestine protesters surrounded the White House Saturday night and attempted to breach the security the fencing outside the executive mansion in a threat to national security that prompted Secret Service agents and DC police in riot gear to rush to the scene.

“Fuck Joe Biden!” the mob demonstrators are chanting as they attempt to breach the White House.

The metal perimeter was shaken so hard, that portions of it were damaged shunting backward. Secret Service operatives rushed to prevent an absolute breach that would allow the rioters to march toward the White House.

The pro-Hamas rioters are also flinging bloodied dolls over the fence across the White House lawn as they attempt to and lodging them at the Secret Service operatives.


“No votes for Genocide Joe,” read some of the signs they are carrying and, “Joe Biden has blood on his hands.

The riot on Saturday is the second largest outside the White House since the war Israeli, Palestinian war began.

Americans across the country question whether the mob of pro-Palestine rioters will be subsequently targeted by the FBI following the demonstration with a litany of felony and domestic terror charges while January 6 political prisoners languish for the third year in pretrial detention.

The government sought 33 years to life for leaders of the Proud Boys for by standing as demonstrators shook a flimsy bike rack on January 6 in what prosecutors call the “first breach” of the Capitol riot.

January 6 defendants who shook and damaged the fence during the Capitol riot are resoundingly charged with 1512 Obstruction of an Official proceeding, a felony punishable by a 20-year prison sentence.

Reports are emerging that all non-essential White House staff have been told to LEAVE THE BUILDING as a massive group of PRO YEMEN protesters push up on the fences on Pennsylvania Avenue.

If they were wearing red MAGA hats this would be all over the news. According to @Julio_Rosas11 on X, the fence was attacked so badly that the Secret Service and the DC Police had to make repairs. Secret Service agents are reportedly in riot gear.

Watch as 3 young, female, pro-Hamas protesters at the WhiteHouse attempt to tear down the @SecretService fence & push into a restricted area.