VIDEO SURFACES – Q Shaman Stands Outside Doors of US Capitol and Tells Everyone to…

Red Voice Media posted a video that we had not seen before from the January 6 protest at the US Capitol.

In the video, Jacob Chansley, later dubbed the “Q Shaman,” reads a tweet from President Trump to the crowd outside the US Capitol and tells them to go home. Chansley added, “We are peaceful… We are not Antifa.”

Q Shaman Jacob Chansley:  “We’re going to throw up the tweet. Donald Trump has asked everybody to go home. Okay? – This is America. You guys want to stay, that’s fine. Donald Trump has asked everybody to go home.”

Fellow Protester:  “Wait, read this.”

Jacob Chansley:  “Hold on… Donald Trump, quote, I am asking for everyone in the US Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence. Remember, we are the party of law and Order. Respect our law enforcement. … There’s a video.”

This video, among others was omitted from Chansley’s trial. The Arizona man was later sentenced to 41 months in prison for walking inside the US Capitol, asking police if he was allowed to be there, was then escorted through the building by police, led a prayer in the US Senate chamber, and then read Trump’s tweet to be peaceful before leaving the premises.

The DC Courts sentenced Chansley to 41 months in federal prison for this.

Six months prior to January 6, Democrats, leftists, and communists torched Washington DC – nearly 2 billion dollars in damages was caused by leftist BLM rioters in the summer of 2020. Many of these protesters were later paid by their communities.

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It pays to be a Democrat!

This video ties in nicely to that crazy woman in Maine who unilaterally took Trump off the ballot because he led an “insurrection.”

Via Red Voice Media: