WATCH: Biden Caught Again On Video Again – This Is Just SAD

During Tuesday’s public appearance, President Joe Biden’s speech garnered attention due to his manner of speaking, or lack thereof.

Biden’s speech primarily revolved around the Republican Party’s efforts to impose restrictions on abortion rights. During the address, Biden made a statement that seemed to be aimed at his predecessor, Donald Trump, though the exact wording of the message became a point of discussion.

“Don’t mess with uhimnahwemerica unless you want to [inaudible],” Biden said, in what appeared to be a warning laced with a slip of the tongue.


Biden’s rally on Tuesday, which marked the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, also encountered unexpected interruptions. Protesters disrupted the proceedings multiple times by expressing their dissatisfaction with the President’s approach to the war between Israel and Hamas.

Chants of “genocide Joe” were reportedly met with counter-chants of “four more years” from the assembly of Biden’s supporters.