WATCH: Bill Barr Rips Trump Indictment, Calls It A “Disgrace” And “Abuse” Of Legal System

(trendingpoliticsnews) – Bill Barr, the former United States attorney general, slammed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg for leading the indictment of former President Donald Trump. On Thursday, the Manhattan grand jury voted to indict the former president.

Trump is reported to be facing 34 different counts related to business fraud.

On Friday, speaking with the former assistant US attorney of the Southern District of New York, Andrew McCarthy, Barr described the charges as a “political hit job.”

“It’s the archetypal abuse of the prosecutorial function to engage in a political hit job, and it’s a disgrace.”

“And legally, I think … from what I understand, it’s a pathetically weak case,” the former US attorney general added.


The case is “the epitome of the abuse of prosecutorial power to bring a case that would not be brought against anyone else. They are going after the man, not a crime. And the legal theory, frankly, is pathetically weak,” Barr contested.

It is reported the former president will appear in court on Tuesday, April 4th, at 2:15 PM EST. Trump refused a virtual appearance, the Guardian reported.

“Trump’s increasing insistence that he wants to be handcuffed behind his back for a perp walk appears to come from various motivations, including that he wants to project defiance in the face of what he sees as an unfair prosecution and that it would galvanize his base for his 2024 presidential campaign.”

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