Watch: Dems Are In Panic Mode – This Is Unbeleivable! (Video)

Joe Biden claims under his leadership, the U.S. is “on the right track,” tooting his own horn during a campaign speech for former Gov. Terry McAuliffe in Virginia.

The topic begins around 32 minutes:

During his speech, Biden bragged, “We’re on the move, but we’re on the right track, we’ve got more to do,” while he begged for Virginians to support McAuliffe for governor.

Biden ignored the struggling Americans. He promoted free things while disregarding inflation, high gas prices, and the supply chain crisis.

Biden argued Americans are enjoying increased household funds, more manufacturing, and a high stock market.

“Take a look at the stock market now; it’s higher than it’s ever been,” Biden boasted. “I guess everything doing well!”

Biden promised the state would have better internet access, infrastructure, free pre-school, free child care, affordable prescription drugs, and across America, led pipes in homes and schools will be replaced, even though his plan has stalled in Congress.

He said Donald Trump “was the only president since Herbert Hoover” to experience more jobs lost than gained during his four years in office, without mentioning the coronavirus pandemic as the cause of job losses.

Biden boasted he is responsible for bringing jobs back faster than other presidents in history, without mentioning the jobs lost by shutting down the economy due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden criticized Trump for only getting two million people fully vaccinated, even though he had only one month after the Food and Drug Administration issued emergency use authorization in December.