WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Blindsided In Public – This Is Amazing

(trendingpoliticsnews) – Dethroned Speaker Nancy Pelosi may be maintaining a lower profile nowadays. But just because she’s gone from the limelight doesn’t mean that she is forgotten.

Nancy was out dining with a suspicious-looking beverage when a man with a plan and a cam decided to confront the San Francisco matriarch.

“Nancy, can you tell us why we have all the $150 billion dollars going to Ukraine when we have homeless on the streets in your own city?” he asked.

She grinned a cheesy grin and gave a garbled answer.

Then a personal bodyguard rushed in to stop with such inconvenient questioning.

“Nancy, can I get some stock-trading tips so I can get some semi-conductors in Taiwan?” he asked.

As he was rushed off from annoying the San Francisco socialists with all of his ‘critical thinking’ and ‘speaking truth to power’ he got in one final shot.

“Nancy, is your son involved with Hunter Biden?”

Instant classic.

According to the latest research from the Council on Foreign Relations, the United States has spend approximately $75 billion on the War in Ukraine.

That was before Joe Biden toured Kiev to fake air raid sirens, gave his chum Ukrainian funnyman-turned-president Zelensky a hug, and pledged to give him another $10 billion in taxpayer money.

That comes out to about $85 billion or $230 million a day in aid to Ukraine over the course of a year. Just for perspective, Russia spent about $82 billion on the Ukraine invasion as of last November.

San Francisco, once a beautiful city, has crumbled under Democratic leadership. It now has thousands of homeless people on the streets, along with used drug needles and even human feces.

Meanwhile, Speaker Pelosi has made tens of millions while in office, all the while hypocritically complaining about income inequality. The Pelosis have long been accused of insider trading. It got so bad that Tik Tok users were watching her account for stock tips. She has stubbornly defended the ‘right’ of Congressmembers to profit off trading stocks while in office.

One popular account on Twitter, Nancy Pelosi Portfolio Tracker, consistently savaged Pelosi on her otherwordly returns.

Nancy Pelosi’s return was a whopping 69%. Nice. Or in her case, not-so-nice (legendary plunging necklines notwithstanding).

The gadfly account persistently exposed Nancy with embarrassing facts.

Of course, it was banned. It remains banned to this day.

Things recently came to a head when Paul Pelosi sold $5 million in Taiwanese chip-maker NVIDIA ahead of a critical trade vote. Pelosi personally met with a Taiwanese delegation as the CHIPS Act to subsidize the U.S. semiconductor industry and wean the tech industry off of Taiwan’s semiconductors was on Biden’s table.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) got fed up with such corrupt Congressional activity and has introduced a bill hilariously entitled Preventing Elected Leaders from Owning Securities and Investments (or the PELOSI Act).

While it is difficult to verify any claims that Paul Pelosi Jr., Nancy’s son, is involved in business with Hunter Biden, corruption expert Peter Schweizer explains how the former Speaker’s son resembles Hunter in many ways.

In an appearance on “Jesse Waters Primetime” in August he criticized Paul Pelosi Jr. taking on a consulting job.

“This is a particularly cynical and galling move by the Pelosis,” Schweizer said. “First of all, as you pointed out, Paul Pelosi Sr., Nancy’s husband, has been under scrutiny for insider trading issues the stock trades. He has to, of course, disclose his finances because he is the spouse of Nancy Pelosi. Your adult children do not need to disclose their financial transactions. So, it seems like they switched attention to their son’s commercial activities.”

He added, “To put even a tighter note on this, Jesse, look at what is happening here. Nancy Pelosi is flying to the Asian Pacific region as the entire region is nervous and scared about the looming threat posed by China. You have got the Speaker of the House coming in with a couple of other Democrats. They certainly want to have her good favor, and all of a sudden, her son is along for the trip. He is not a foreign policy adviser. He has no background, looking for business deals. This is what you call leverage. This is the sort of stuff you would expect from the Mafia, where you kind of create a demand for your own services. The kind of services that Paul Pelosi Jr. is offering are very reminiscent of Hunter Biden’s, by the way. They are vague. They are consulting are offering advisory services. They don’t actually have some product they are trying to sell. It’s particularly a galling and cynical move. I applaud you for covering this because the rest of the mainstream media is totally ignoring this story.”

Paul Pelosi Jr. and Hunter Biden may not be in business together, but it certainly looks like they are both in the business of profiting off of corrupt government.