WATCH: Pro-Palestinian Rioters Attack Jews NYC Time Square

As Pro-Palestinians demonstrators attacked Jews in Manhattan, they were filmed shooting fireworks at a crowd of onlookers and spitting on diners at a local restaurant.

Facing off in Time Square, the pro-Palestinian demonstrations appeared to instigate and escalate the violence. One group burned an Israeli flag.

A pro-Israel Democrat, former New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, documented the violence and several other citizen journalists, who watched the violence unfold.

Other sources filmed the alleged firebomb attack and its aftermath (violence, language warning), Right Scoop noted:

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators were later shown in a video posted by Kinkinder beating a Jewish man:

American Pigeon filmed a large group of pro-Palestinian demonstrators spitting at restaurant patron:

Some videos appear to show fights between pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian demonstrators. Police eventually dispersed the latter, who seem to be more numerous, according to social media reports.

The New York Post reported:

Pro-Israel and pro-Palestine protesters clashed, and fireworks sent people running near Times Square Thursday as tensions in the region spilled into the streets of Manhattan, videos showed.

A small explosive was thrown from a pickup truck in the Diamond District on 47th Street, sending worried bystanders running for safety. The pickup truck was part of a convoy of vehicles waving Palestinian flags, sources said.

A 55-year-old woman sustained burn injuries to her lower back.

The Diamond District is predominantly Jewish, with many kosher restaurants.

The Post noted that the violence erupted after the ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian Hamas emerged.

Several social media commentators noted the lack of outrage and silence from the mainstream media and politicians.