WATCH: Psaki Busted At College Event

(trendingpolitics) – Joe Biden’s former Press Secretary Jen “Peppermint” Psaki should expect to receive a new moniker after an appearance at a Chicago college where she was confronted by a student journalist over previous comments she had made about protests outside the homes of SCOTUS justices, which she initially denied having made.

Psaki appeared at a think tank symposium at the University of Chicago’s Institue of Politics, where she talked about her time as Sleepy Joe’s press secretary and her thoughts on how things stand in the mainstream media. After responding to the moderator’s series of prepared questions, Psaki took questions from the audience.

But little did she know not all of the audience members would fawn over the redhead.

Daniel Schmidt, journalist and senior editor at the University’s independent newspaper “Chicago Thinker,” stepped up to the microphone and questioned Psaki over her comments earlier this month encouraging pro-abortionists to continue protesting outside of the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices in the wake of the Roe v. Wade draft opinion leak. “We certainly continue to encourage that [what she called “peaceful protests”] outside of judges’ homes.”

Schmidt asked Psaki if she regretted making the comment, whereby Psaki saw red, initially denying she had said exactly what she said and even attempted to turn the tables and accused the college journalist of lying:

Schmidt then held up his phone and said he was quoting her. Psaki then tried to insinuate that because he left the word “peaceful” out of his question that he was lying about what she said. Schmidt correctly pointed out that “peaceful” or not, she and the rest of the Biden White House advocated for unlawful protests outside of the Justices’ homes.


According to Title 18, Section 1507 of the United States Code, people who protest outside of the homes of judges with the intent of influencing (read: intimidating) them to rule one way or the other are unlawful and are subject to fines and/or a year in prison. It is unclear whether Psaki was simply unaware of the code section’s existence or if her comments were merely a pathetic attempt to excuse leftist tactics to influence jurisprudence.

The radical leftist group “Ruth Sent Us” minced no words when they publicly announced their plans to protest outside the private homes of some of the conservative judges. Home addresses and maps were provided by the group to its devotees with the clear intent to intimidate and terrorize. No word whether any of the crazed lefties were arrested or fined although no one should hold his or her breath on that.

In clumsy double-speak, Psaki didn’t really address the radical group’s violation of the code; rather she stressed to Schmidt that she supports peaceful engagement but denies she ever encouraged anyone to protest. What seemed to elude her is that “peaceful engagement” outside a judge’s house is still against the law, and saying you didn’t say something when you are on record and having done so is still lying.

Between White House Press Corps member and Fox News reports Peter Doocy and this kid Schmidt, we’ve got Psaki’s number. It’s shameful that much of the rest of the so-called media have abandoned their journalistic responsibility to ask challenging questions to discover the truth.

Let’s see how Psaki fares at her new yet-to-be-titled MSNBC gig.