WATCH: Tucker Carlson Said Last Week He Feared Trans People Will Start ‘Political Violence’

(trendingpoliticsnews) – Just days before a member of the transgender community carried out a school shooting, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson suggested an armed transgender individual would commit “political violence.”

Carlson, commenting on an NPR segment covering transgender groups promoting guns, said, “what you’re watching here is political hysteria: fear ginned up on purpose with maximum dishonesty in order to get people in a state of agitation—armed people in a state of agitation.”

“It’s the same template always: scare the crap out of your voters, tell them that their lives are at risk, [and] encourage them to get guns,” Carlson added before suggesting members of the transgender community would commit “political violence.”

“The trans community, of course, is a vehicle for something else and it’s always the same thing, which is political power and political power made possible by political violence. They want to be able to commit it and they want you defenseless so you can’t fight back.”


The full Tucker Carlson segment can be seen below:

On Monday morning, a 28-year-old person identified as a transgender woman carried  out a school shooting on a Christian school in Nashville, TN. Three children and three adults were murdered during the shooting.

The shooter, Audrey Hale, reportedly shot through a locked door to get into the school building and used two firearms and a handgun to carry out the shooting. Nashville police officers courageously entered the school and fatally shot Hale.