WATCH: Video Proves Biden’s Latest Campaign Stop Was Completely Staged

It was supposed to be a routine campaign stop, but President Joe Biden’s Thursday visit to a Philadelphia Wawa is stirring up controversy. The visit caught on tape—from his struggle with a takeout box to the pre-planned tip he handed the cashier—appeared to be nothing less than a carefully choreographed performance.

Following a contentious stop at Sheetz in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, where his choice of venue already sparked local debate, Biden’s itinerary brought him to Wawa, coinciding with the chain’s birthday celebration and an announcement of its expansion in central Pennsylvania.

His order was quintessentially local according to The Philadelphia Inquirer: an Italian hoagie (with a non-traditional twist of American cheese and pickles), a black-and-white milkshake, and an assortment of snacks including pretzels, pastries, and mozzarella sticks, which he shared in the company of Democrat Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle L. Parker.

However, the authenticity of his visit has been called into question by a video that suggests meticulous planning behind what was presented as a casual outing. The footage shows a scenario where even trivial actions like giving a tip and ordering a milkshake were pre-arranged.


For many Philadelphians, Wawa is more than just a convenience store; it is a cultural institution. While presidential campaigns are known for their stage-managed nature, the leaked footage from Biden’s Wawa visit has provoked significant backlash. The carefully curated image of Biden casually interacting with locals contrasts sharply with the behind-the-scenes orchestration evident in the video.

As he began a series of events in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania on Tuesday, President Joe Biden openly criticized his adversary. Speaking from his hometown of Scranton, Biden targeted Donald Trump for his previous tax policies that favored billionaires and his remarks on Social Security. However, Biden was certainly not greeted like a king during his homecoming visit to Scranton.

On Tuesday, residents of the midsize town of about 76,000 turned out to line the Democrat’s motorcade route, hurling insults and anti-Biden chants at the passing vehicles. A clip of his car and a phalanx of police vehicles traveling through downtown revealed just how deep the animosity runs in his boyhood town.

“F* Joe Biden!” chants carried across the street as both supporters and opponents of the president waved American flags and attempted to drown out one another. “F* you!” a man shouts at the Beast, the president’s limousine. A caption of the video read “Welcome to Scranton, PA Joe”


Tuesday’s Scranton stop, intended to talk tax policy with union workers, came as part of a three-day swing through a state where the Democrat’s campaign is working feverishly to shore up support. Recent polls given Biden a narrow lead over Trump, a result that was reversed for months.

The following day, President Biden received criticism for yet another unwanted overture toward a young girl who accompanied him on stage at a Pittsburgh rally. The 80-year-old brushed the back of his hand back and forth against her cheek, once again bringing to mind the “Creepy Joe” vibes that Republicans have sought to stoke since his first campaign against former President Donald Trump.

With approval numbers mired around historic lows, both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have both been hassled by protestors at various stops in recent months. During a visit to Puerto Rico, the vice president unknowingly clapped along as agitators sang in Spanish in support of Palestine and increased humanitarian aid for Haiti.