WOW: Trump-Indicting DA Alvin Bragg Admits Personal Fears Over…

(trendingpoliticsnews) – In a recent interview, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg admitted to his personal fears regarding crime in the city’s subway system, despite his office’s efforts to curb crime rates. This admission comes amidst a backdrop of public perception that crime is rampant in the city, a perception that contrasts with the latest NYPD statistics.

“I know the statistics that transit crime is down,” he told Fox5. “But when one of my family members gets on the train, I get a knot in my stomach.” This personal admission from the DA, who has been criticized for his soft-on-crime approach, underscores the disconnect between the city’s crime statistics and the lived experiences of its residents.

“I live here, I’m raising my family here, so we have a lot more work to do,” Bragg stated. “We do a number of long-term investigations involving wire taps,” Bragg said. “We do targeted enforcement, so we are seeing the returns on that investigative work, and we’re going to do that kind of work.”

For numerous city dwellers, their personal day-to-day experiences are more impactful in shaping their view of crime than mere statistics. A building superintendent, who was observed recently, covering graffiti near his building’s front entrance, voiced his opinion to Fox5 that crime is escalating uncontrollably. Some others highlighted that feelings of safety can differ significantly, influenced by the neighborhood and the time of day.

Bragg has gained popularity in the spotlight ever since his decision to indict former President Trump. New York also seems to be in the news more frequently for all the wrong reasons. High-profile events such as the Daniel Penny incident, and many other viral altercations, have plagued the city over recent months.

Mayor Eric Adams, Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell, and MTA Chair Janno Lieber have been candid about their initiatives to enhance the safety of the subway and curb crime. Despite the reported downtrend in crime rates and their persistent endeavors, the apprehension of crime persists as a major worry for a large section of New Yorkers, DA Bragg included.

Bragg, the Manhattan DA, asserted that he and his team will persist in finding innovative approaches to utilize existing laws for focused investigations, with the aim of removing violent criminals from the streets. However, his personal disclosure of apprehension about subway crime invites queries about the efficiency of these measures and the actual state of crime in the city.