WOW: Trump Sends Message To Tucker – This Is AMAZING

(trendingpoliticsnews) – Former President Donald Trump responded to Tucker Carlson’s latest installment of Tucker On Twitter, in which the former Fox News host labeled Biden as a “wannabe dictator.” Trump agreed with Carlson’s sentiment and railed against the “wannabe dictator” in the White House.

Carlson’s episode focused on left-wing and mainstream media outrage over a Fox News chyron that referred to President Biden as a “wannabe dictator” after the federal indictment of the former president. The Fox employee responsible for the chyron — a longtime veteran of the network — was ultimately fired while the network has apologized profusely.

“If the banner on Fox was false, why the hysteria?” Tucker asked. “Lies don’t seem to bother anyone anymore. But calling Joe Biden a wannabe dictator, that stung.”

“Just because he’s trying to put the other candidate in prison for the rest of his life for a crime he himself committed doesn’t mean he has a totalitarian impulse. Come on, that’s absurd,” he joked. Carlson went on to list a number of actions undertaken or called for by the Biden Administration without naming him directly, including illegal surveillance of American citizens, the murder of Ashli Babbitt, and reports that the IRS is stockpiling weapons and ammunition.

On Friday, former President Trump voiced his agreement with Carlson’s monologue in a video statement.

“Tucker Carlson, a very good guy, is exactly right,” Trump began. “The number one reason the totally corrupt Biden Administration and the sick Washington establishment, are after me is because I stand up to their failed foreign policy agenda.”

In his previous installment — which was released the day Trump was formally arraigned in Miami, Florida — Carlson argued that the former president is being targeted due to his refusal to comply with permanent Washington foreign policy goals and forever wars. The former Fox News host referenced Trump’s infamous clash with Jeb Bush at a South Carolina GOP debate in 2016, in which Trump said the Bush Administration lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq “and they knew about it.”

“The one thing Washington cannot forgive is that I put America first, always put America first,” Trump continued. “I have to do that to make America great again.”

Trump went on to say that one of the primary reasons for his prosecution is his desire to end the war in Ukraine. Trump has vowed to bring both sides to the negotiating table, drawing criticism over his “refusal” to say that he wants Ukraine to “win.”

“Most recently the warmongers, globalists and deep staters are absolutely livid that I refuse to bend the knee to their next endless war in Ukraine,” Trump said Friday. “I want peace; they want money and they want conflict, even if it means walking us into the brink of World War III. Which, frankly, it is doing and its doing it rapidly.”

“That’s why despite the massive criminality and corruption of the Clintons, the Bidens, the Obamas and all the rest none of them ever get indicted or ever get investigated. They’re totally protected by a fake and disgusting system,” Trump went on to say. “But I did everything right and the system tries to throw me right into a jail. They can’t beat me at the ballot box so they’re out there trying to take me out by other means, anything they can think of. These people don’t love our country.”