WOW: Trump’s VP Pick Finally Revealed?

Former White House advisor Kellyanne Conway said Monday on FNC’s “America Reports” that Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) “checks a lot of the boxes” for a potential running mate for former President Donald Trump.

Conway said, “I think President Trump has a lot of runway when it comes to choosing his running mate. He is probably the nominee for a challenger the earliest that we have had ever or in quite a while and he has an embarrassment of riches. Speaking of rich embarrassments, no one seems less popular than Kamala Harris. So Joe Biden is stuck with her, NBC news poll devastating too Biden over the weekend even more devastating to Kamala Harris. She seems less popular than anyone. Almost anyone that President Trump is considering and would consider as a serious running mate can absolutely beat Kamala Harris in a debate.”

She continued, “I think that Tim Scott checks a lot of the boxes, somebody who dropped out of the race and is actively campaigning for President Trump, but who will eat into this notion that the Democrats have a lock on African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, union households. Tim Scott is very — Senator Scott is very articulate when it comes to the issue of abortion. He seems to be able to explain how the other side is extreme and what it means to be pro-life in 2024.”