Bill Barr Sounds Worried – Warns of ‘Abuse of Government Power’ if Trump Is Elected President (VIDEO)

Former US Attorney General Bill Barr on Saturday trashed Trump and warned of ‘abuse of government power’ if Trump is elected president again.

“Trump needs people around him who will push back and help keep him on the straight and narrow,” Barr said to Fox News host Neil Cavuto on Saturday.

“During his first term, the main way that could be done is by pointing out to him how this would hurt his prospects for a second term,” Barr added. “Once he wins a second term, I don’t know you know what considerations can be used to push back against bad ideas.”

Barr told Cavuto that Trump won’t be able to “move the country forward” because he’ll “be a lame duck” the second time around.

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“One of the one of the reasons I’m against Trump as the nominee is because I don’t think he’s going to move the country forward,” Barr said.

“I’m worried that his style of governance, his continuing to pander to anger and frustration versus a constructive approach to solving our problems, is going to be chaotic and not accomplish very much,” Barr added. “He’ll be a lame duck president.”

Neil Cavuto asked Barr what advice he would give to Trump’s next attorney general pick if he’s elected president in 2024.

“He has to be ready to say no and to resign,” Barr said of Trump’s next attorney general. “Trump has made it plain that he’s going to respond to what he considers the left wings’ ‘no holds barred’ approach by fighting fire with fire.”

“I think for people going into that administration. I think they have to be ready to oppose the abuse of government power,” Barr said.