This Is The END Of Joe Biden…

A recent poll conducted by YouGov highlights the surging popularity of former President Trump. Despite being convicted in a controversial hush money trial led by Democrats, his support has tripled in less than a week.

In April, only 17 percent of Republicans believed that a convicted felon should be eligible to run for president. However, in June, the number increased significantly to 58 percent, indicating strong support among Republican voters. Conversely, a survey from the University of Chicago, exclusively obtained by NPR, reveals troubling news for President Biden. His backing among younger black, Latino, and Asian-American voters is declining significantly.

Interestingly, Trump surpasses Biden in popularity among younger Latino and white voters, while also making gains among black voters. Additionally, voters aged 18-26 are showing more support for Trump, with 33 percent favoring him compared to 32 percent for Biden.

Biden maintains a slight advantage among voters aged 27-40, leading with 34 percent to Trump’s 30 percent. The general sentiment among voters is that President Trump’s conviction is merely a result of a politically motivated attack. He is likened to Road Runner, while the Democrats are compared to Wile E. Coyote, constantly failing in their attempts to bring him down.