MUST SEE: CNN Wallows In Shame After Their OWN REPORTER Proves Trump Right On Illegal Immigration

CNN, often criticized for its immigration coverage, aired a report that appears to substantiate longstanding Republican concerns about border security under the Biden administration. Focusing on the U.S.-Mexico border near San Diego, the report featured resident Brian Silvis, whose backyard has become a migrant pathway. Contrary to the administration’s claims of a ‘secure and closed border,’ the report revealed a continuous flow of migrants entering the U.S. with minimal hindrance. Silvis, an unwitting witness to daily crossings, shared footage contradicting Democratic officials’ assertions that the border is effectively managed.

Jesse Watters highlighted Silvis’s experiences, emphasizing the stark contrast between the reality on the ground and official statements. Silvis, pointing migrants toward an illegal staging area, stated, “We do have an open border right now because they’re just walking in.” CNN, surprised by its observations, acknowledged the crisis, describing it as an invasion.

These developments underscore the complex challenges arising from the Biden administration’s approach to border security and immigration. August saw a staggering 232,972 migrant encounters at the southern border, reaching critical levels. The administration faced substantial criticism, evident in a Fox News poll showing widespread disapproval of its handling of border security. Seventy-one percent of registered voters believed current border security levels were insufficient, with dissatisfaction across party lines. The survey also revealed a majority supporting the construction of a border wall, even among Hispanic and Black voters.

Criticism stems from the U.S. grappling with an unprecedented influx of migrants driven by factors such as gang violence, political instability, and economic challenges. The situation poses logistical and humanitarian challenges, with cities struggling to accommodate and support the new arrivals. In response, the Biden administration has adjusted its approach, including restarting border wall construction in Texas, leading to accusations of hypocrisy and bipartisan criticism.