REPORT: Young Americans Sour on Joe Biden, Threatening Reelection Chances

President Joe Biden’s low approval rating among Americans between the ages of 18-29 threatens his reelection chances, New York Times’ chief political analyst Nate Cohn warned Monday in a 1,181-word article.

Cohn’s long article signals Biden’s dire hopes of winning reelection against likely Republican nominee former President Donald Trump.

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The article highlighted two significant numbers from recent polling by the Times:

  • Biden only leads 76-20 percent among young voters registered as Democrats or who previously voted in a Democrat primary.
  • Biden only leads Trump 69-24 percent among young nonwhite Democrats. 

Cohn attributed Biden’s sluggish polling to three factors:

  1. Young voters are by far the likeliest to say he’s just too old to be an effective president.
  2. Many are upset about his handling of the Israel-Hamas war.
  3. And all of this is against the backdrop of Mr. Biden’s longstanding weakness among young voters, who weren’t enthusiastic about him in 2020, and Mr. Trump’s gains among nonwhite voters, who are disproportionately young.

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Economic factors could also contribute to Biden’s low approval rating among young Americans, according to recent polling by Empower:

  • 56 percent of Gen Z say their financial situations “keep them up at night.”
  • 51 percent of Millennials say their financial situations “keep them up at night.”
  • In comparison, just 37 percent of Gen X and just 20 percent of Baby Boomers said the same.

Expensive housing is a key challenge for many young Americans who must relocate to a big city to launch a career. A new report by RentCafe found young people in the Bay Area still live with their parents:

  • 1 in 4 millennials live with family
  • 3 and 4 Gen Zs live with family

Averaged nationwide, the poll found one in five millennials and two-thirds of Gen Zers live with family.