VIDEO: Hollywood Actress Claims Trump Will Declare Himself ‘King Of…

Jenifer Lewis, an accomplished Broadway actress who has starred in several high-profile films over the last three decades, claimed that former President Donald Trump will order the military to suspend the constitution and declare himself as “king of the world” if re-elected in November.

“As soon as he takes the oath, he will have generals walk down the steps of the Capitol. He will take a hammer and break the glass where the Constitution is, and he will tear it up in our faces and say, now I’m the king of the fuing world. You will bow down, bi*es,’” the “Black-ish” star said during a recent episode of the “Mornings With Zerlina” radio program. “He will punish everybody that didn’t vote for him.”

Lewis then went outside of the box by comparing the former president to Adolf Hitler. “He will punish everybody that didn’t vote for him. Let me tell ya’ll how I know this s**t, I know because I know what mental illness looks like,” the actress continued, now screaming into the microphone.

“That mania, is unstoppable! See, this motherfu**er is Hitler. He didn’t come to play.”

Lewis, who started her career as a backup singer for fellow Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer Bette Middler before landing a number of high-profile film roles, also predicted that Trump’s re-election would lead to backlash against minorities.

“That motherfuer will have us in camps because we sat our fat ass on the couch,” Lewis said.

She then directed her attention towards white Americans, insinuating that there is an abundance of racial resentment that they are waiting to act upon. “Black people don’t want to fight you. All we want to do is feed our children and be equal,” she declared, adding “Honey, White people are scared. They’re becoming a minority. The world is brown.”

The “Sister Act” star went on to use a number of racial slurs when discussing the supposed backlash that will occur if Trump wins. “And they’re going to do everything they can to stay in those gated communities, not pay taxes, and put those niers in their places and get those wetbacks out of this country. We own this, bih.”

“You will not win because love is the answer,” she added before continuing her deluded rant. “We built this country for free while you raped us in your barns. While you whipped us. While you lynched us and cut babies out of our stomachs while we hung from fu**ing trees. And you got something to say?” she asked.