WATCH: CIA Officer Reveals Shocking Details From J6 In Undercover Video

In a shocking video released by Sound Investigations, former FBI and current CIA contracting officer Gavin O’Blennis disclosed controversial practices within the United States’ leading intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

The video, released on X on Tuesday, featured O’Blennis speaking candidly about the manipulative tactics employed to ensnare individuals, including political commentator Alex Jones, into legal and financial ruin.

O’Blennis, boasting about his ability to “put anyone in jail… set ’em up,” referred to a technique described as a “nudge,” a method that teeters on the brink of entrapment.

He then detailed how the FBI, where he previously served, engages in actions that “get really close” to entrapment, leveraging fake social media accounts and embellished news to inflame and provoke targets. The method of operation poses substantial questions about the integrity and legality of the FBI’s investigative procedures, potentially crossing ethical lines to achieve their objectives. The discussion notably turned towards the Bureau’s interest in Alex Jones, a prominent and polarizing figure known for his conspiracy theories and political commentary.

O’Blennis detailed the FBI’s efforts to financially cripple Jones, stating, “He did what we wanted… He took his money and left.” Jones’s statements and publications led to various legal and social consequences, including lawsuits and bans from major social media platforms.

O’Blennis further claimed that the FBI and CIA use “fake social media” and “embellished” news stories to incite anger and manipulate public opinion. The tactic, designed to “really get people mad,” suggests a troubling manipulation of information by agencies tasked with upholding public security and trust. Moreover, the CIA officer revealed that around 20 undercover FBI agents were present during the January 6th Capitol riot, a detail that suggests a deeper level of involvement and observation by law enforcement agencies in such events than previously acknowledged.


Investigations into the events of January 6 had been conducted by the FBI, the Department of Justice, and a House Select Committee, among others, focusing on the actions of individuals and groups who participated in the breach of the Capitol, and the security failures that allowed it to happen.

While O’Blennis noted that these agents were not involved in the violence, the acknowledgment of their presence among the protesters introduces an extra dimension to the growing narrative of the day’s events.

The investigations have led to numerous arrests and charges ranging from unauthorized entry and vandalism to assault and conspiracy, but no involvement of the CIA was reported or suggested until more details came out.

In March, documents obtained by Judicial Watch claim that the CIA was present in Washington D.C. on January 6. Documents show records of the CIA deploying bomb technicians and dog teams as a response to the disturbance at the Capitol. The records, sourced from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, detail the agency’s previously undisclosed role during the day’s tumultuous events.

A series of text messages titled “January 7 Intel Chain” mentions the CIA’s participation, showing the deployment of “two CIA bomb techs” to assist with a pipe bomb scene and “several CIA dog teams on standby.”
via Judicial Watch

While the involvement of various federal and city police entities had been noted, the CIA’s role had remained largely behind the scenes until recent months.