VIDEO: Trump Calls Out CNN Reporter To Her Face, Fans Loudly Boo Her: ‘Fake News’

On Monday former President Donald Trump openly confronted a CNN video reporter, leading to a notable moment between him and the press. During a speech, Trump took a moment to interact with the audience and media representatives present.

“I just want to thank you all. Now while I’m here, unlike Biden… Biden would never do this. It would be the end of his political career,” Trump remarked.

He then pointed at the camera, asking “Are you with the news?”

“Yes… We’re with CNN,” the reporter said.


As we approach ‘Super Tuesday’ in the 2024 Presidential Primary election, the final polls are emerging which show Trump retaining his early lead. The surprise comes in the form of the battle for runner-up behind Trump.

Polling from The Trafalgar Group and Insider Advantage shared via X by Interactive polls shows that former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have closed to within one point of one another at 18.5% and 19.3% respectively. The poll was conducted between Jan. 12-14 among 1,092 likely voting Iowans and shows the two Governors have closed to within the margin of error at 2.9%.

In these caucuses, party members gather in various locations across Iowa to discuss candidates and select delegates to represent their preferences in county conventions, which ultimately contribute to the selection of delegates to the national convention. Unlike primary elections, which are conducted through secret ballot, the Iowa caucuses are more public and interactive, involving discussions and realignment processes, particularly in the Democratic caucus.

Pharmaceutical entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy trails well behind both at 6.5% with even the most optimistic interpretation keeping him locked below the 10% line while former Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson, who announced his intent to stay in the race on Sunday, The Guardian said, lingers at 0.7%.

Trump enjoys a nearly unassailable 52.1% in the poll, a commanding lead of 32.8 points.

The Iowa caucuses begin Monday evening Jan. 15th and to say that the caucuses are all about ‘ground game’ understates the fickle nature of the unorthodox system. While Trump’s dominance in the contest remains almost completely assured, the runner-up slot, crucial to the continuation of any serious campaign, appears to be wide open with Haley and DeSantis statistically neck and neck, and a Ramaswamy breakaway not impossible.

In recent Iowa events, the rhetoric and competition between Haley, DeSantis and Ramaswamy have become increasingly hostile and while typically focused on Trump, they have now pivoted toward each other as well.

DeSantis posted several excerpts from the CNN Republican presidential debate on Jan. 10th in which only he and Haley participated, as did Haley. Prior to the CNN debate, he attacked Haley in very general terms with various video clips, writing, “Nikki Haley is disparaging the Iowa Caucuses and insulting you. I will always defend Iowa’s values of faith, family, and freedom. While Donald Trump is focused on himself and Haley is focused on big donors, I hope to earn your support on January 15 — I won’t let you down!”

Conversely, Haley has attacked DeSantis on his congressional and gubernatorial record.