WATCH: Biden Accidentally Reads His Handler’s Notes Out Loud During Teleprompter Gaffe

During remarks given in Washington today, President Joe Biden accidentally shared a little too much with the audience in his latest speech.

Biden made a notable gaffe during the remarks, reading aloud internal cues from his teleprompter intended for his eyes only.

After stating “Four more years!” the President hilariously followed up with the word “pause,” inadvertently adhering to a stage direction rather than delivering his message seamlessly.


Biden went on to criticize Trump’s perspective and policies towards American workers and the wealthy, drawing a sharp contrast between his administration’s goals and those of his predecessor.

“Trump sees the world from Mar-a-Lago and bows down to billionaires, who look down on American union workers. It’s not just that he’s not supportive, he actively looks down on us,” Biden asserted. “Think about the guys you grew up with; you’d like to get them into the corner and just give them a straight lift… I’m not suggesting we hit the president,” he clarified to the crowd.

In a different speech, Biden announced on Wednesday the immediate shipment of weapons to Ukraine, following the signing of a $95 billion war aid measure that also benefits Israel, Taiwan, and other global hotspots. The move concludes a protracted struggle with Congressional Republicans over essential support for Ukraine, although the delay has notably hindered Ukraine’s capacity to counter Russia’s ongoing war.